since departing the ABC mystery drama Lost – and considering how the show
has spiraled, especially for supporting characters, she probably left at the
perfect time – not a lot has been heard from Maggie Grace. Technically, she had
a starring role in the wretched The Fog, but for the sake of this
article and any good will toward her, I’m going to pretend that the film never

There. So
given that she’s worked in absolutely
since her days on the island, it’s a pleasant surprise to see that
she’s making the jump to the big screen with a new Luc Besson-produced thriller
called Taken. In the film, she plays the daughter of a former spy
(Liam Neeson). Kidnappers make away with her and put her into the slave trade,
but Neeson uses his skills and training from The League of Shadows to cleanse
the city of its filth. Oh, and to rescue her as well.

I miss the old days when Neeson’s character wouldn’t just be a spy, but would
be a Special Forces commando or Marine who just wants to live peacefully with
his family, but at least John Cena and WWE Films are keeping that tradition
alive. Anyway, this particular movie is set to start shooting this month in
Paris as a co-production between Besson’s
Europa Corp. and Fox.