Fox would be Stan, in this case.

So we pretty much knew a sequel to X-Men: First Class was happening, but now we definitely know it’s happening. We know because a conflict between its shoot and the shoot for the next Hunger Games film was making Fox and Lionsgate go all caveman at each other, grunting over time with star Jennifer Lawrence.

Granted, that’s an instinct I can understand.

Fortunately everybody has figured out how to get their shit done without chopping Ms. Lawrence in half, which means X-Men will shoot in January of 2013, shortly after Catching Fire rolls this fall. Aside from bringing up the whole JFK Assassination pick up point (which Magneto will likely be responsible for), we have no new details on the story or Matthew Vaughn’s intentions.

Yes, we'd probably ALL fight over her too.

Of course, for Catching Fire we just covered the big news that Gary Ross is parting ways with Lionsgate.

The funny thing is that in this situation Fox was essentially able to say “We saw her first!” as her contract with Fox for the X franchise precedes her commitments to Hunger Games, even though the later is totally her show. This means Lionsgate doesn’t get to own her for quite as long as they’d like surrounding the shoot.

I’m sure they’ll manage.

Source | THR (via Collider)