I should let you know right off that while Universal has this thing going out in the UK on June 8th, there’s no US date yet, so enter with cautious excitement…

In any event, Simon Pegg has starred in a new film project that seems to have really been a chance for him to let loose in a way he hasn’t in some time. Called A Fantastic Fear Of Everything, it’s a bit Gilliam a bit Gondry and a bit Juenet, all coming from music video director Chris Hopewell. Take a look at the trailer, which Pegg debuted on Twitter.

The story of an accidental children’s writer attempting a new crime novel, the film explores the man’s fears that manifest in visually crazy ways that may prevent him from getting through the rest of the day, much less finishing his book. At least, that’s all what I gather!

What are your thoughts? Happy to see unhinged Pegg back in action?

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Source | Simon Pegg (via /Film)