David Twohy had something special with Pitch Black. A rich premise for a monster movie that just so happened to have one of the more badass supporting characters of the last decade in Richard B. Riddick. But that was also why The Chronicles of Riddick was a misstep – Riddick as a character doesn’t work as well when we’re not viewing him from an outsider’s perspective (also, the film looked like it was shot for Syfy Channel). Chronicles gave Riddick a heart, and in doing so they made him less dangerous.

So above is a shot of some mercenaries* that Twhohy posted on his blog to commemorate wrapping shooting on the new Riddick (sometimes referred to as The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking) in Montreal. This production hasn’t been without it’s troubles, filming was actually shut down for a time over finance and payment issues. But if Vin Diesel needs a distraction in between Fast & Furious films then who are we to begrudge him?

*I’m pretty sure that’s former WWE superstar Dave Batista on the right. Last I heard he was playing an alien. Wonder when that changed.