This another one of those where we’ve pretty much blown our load in the title, but as Marvel lets out little snippets like this in anticipation of The Avengers, such is life.

So yes, mark your calendar for April 4th, 2014 … Captain America 2 will hit the big screen almost exactly two years from today.

Like Iron Man 3 and Thor 2, Captain’s sequel will pick up where The Avengers leaves off and will tell a modern story of Captain getting further acquainted with the modern world and saving our collective asses. While there might be some kind of flashback component, we’ve been previously assured that this won’t be a period piece. Of course, the arc the writers mentioned in that interview also seems to be one partly driving The Avengers, so we’ll have to see how they make that man-out-of-time conflict fresh for a second time.

There’s still no director for the film, though apparently the list has grown shorter and weirder. I’d expect that decision to be made before The Avengers is released, as that will be worth another blog cycle for Marvel. Same likely goes for long awaited Ant-Man news.

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