This is super esoteric inside-baseball Hollywood shit, but I have a feeling you understand the concept of “Studios pile on and kill new things” enough that you’ll chuckle at this video. It’s well-cut and features a hilarious Miles Fischer running the WME casting agency and deciding funny internet videos are the way to go, and begins paying more attention to signing Keyboard Cat than returning phone calls from Charlize Theron.

The video was produced internally by WME so there are some in-jokes, but mostly just at the expense of other casting agencies. Still, even esoteric jokes like thise have touches (the use of the Social Network score in an artsy video, or a Between Two Ferns reference) that make them accessible. The whole thing is a result of another internal video they made that went viral called Pinkberry: The Movie which is also pretty fucking funny (Rob Cohen’s moment: “I’m tired of Michael Bay getting everything and me only getting a lot of money.”). That one is all jokes at Hollywood’s expense, riffing on the idea of a branding-obsession that has led to fucking board game movies. This new video Staff Meeting: The Movie is all about how relentlessly Hollywood piles onto idea on a whim, and lampoons the way the more cynical projects come together based on marketing elements rather than passion.

What’s great about the video is that it’s not only clever, but filled with funny writing and energetic performances from all the various actors and directors making cameos. Take a look…

I love, “IMAX 3D? It’s dead, IT’S DONE!” Sadly, this video is just a little too acutely satirical to be comfortable. This is the kind of cynicism that will seem quaint after 10 more years of Hollywood refining their cash-in tactics…

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Source | THR (via a bunch of ppl talking about it on twitter)