Obviously this is engineered to be a raunchy comedy so there’s not the same punch, but I’d say the Ted trailer is just as succseeful as a green-band as it is uncensored. I remain convinced this movie is going to catch on and be a surprisingly solid hit, though I really really wish MacFarlane had toned down the Peter Griffin from Ted’s voice. I don’t know if the film is set in New England, but that accent is just too distinctive coming out of his mouth (“Chevron cyyahd”). Also, of course there’s clearly an excessively long fist-fight. I wonder if those drawn-out gags will work on the big screen.

As far as the humans go, Kunis is still just being used as boner-bait and concerned girlfriend conflict with no sign at all that she may have a worthwhile place in the story. Wahlberg looks funny enough and The Other Guys showed us Wahlberg has comedy chops, so I’m sure he’ll be solid.

Also, it more clearly appears that people do indeed just kind of take the talking bear for granted in this universe, making him essentially “real.” Kind of typical for MacFarlane, but I dig that.

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