The nerd’s default state is typically condescension towards Top 40 pop, but I have to say in these days of media fragmentation and divided attention I’ve got mad respect for anyone that accomplishes becoming a mega-star in a truly old school sense. We just don’t unify in a global, mind-boggling way around stars like in the MJ and Elvis days. Katy Perry is definitely one such artist, producing a staggering density of hits since she launched into the big time. Most of her songs fall on the inoffensive side of “disinterested” for me, but she’s got some catchy tunes, and I do have a somewhat clinical interest in and appreciation for the evolvingĀ  aesthetic spectacle that surrounds giant pop acts like her, Gaga, or even Bieber.

Below is the trailer for the doc, which they opted to make instead of a biopic starring Zoey Deschanel. The look at the film promises what you would expect from a 3D concert doc, though I like how the first half of the trailer is built with distance from the star. They’ve been filming across 124 performances for over a year, but as you can see it dives into as recent of events as her divorce. It’s clear there is a driven, compelling person beneath all the sugar and candy, so if you have any tolerance for her music this might make for an interesting experience. It’s certainly going to make some dough.

Despite my title there is no announcement that the film will play in IMAX when it debuts July 5th (Emmerich style… they’ve got balls).

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