If you’ve been reading our Chud Essentials list over the past week, the film Q The Winged Serpent should be fresh in mind. I’m just saying that because in mere moments I’m going to write about the upcoming flick Winged Creatures, and I feel it’s really important to get the
fact that it is not a Q sequel out in the open.

Larry Cohen ain’t even involved, fer crissake.

At least some greats are. Forest Whitaker, Kate Beckinsale, Guy Pearce and girl scout fembot Dakota Fanning will all appear as part of the ensemble cast in an adaptation of Roy Freirich’s novel. (A yet-to-be-published novel, at that, it seems.) The plot is like that diner issue of Sandman adapted for Oprah’s book club: after a murder in a restaurant, the surviving diners examine their mortality.

Still, I’m so sad this isn’t a Q sequel.