RuinsIt’s been far too long since we’ve been exposed to a film about sentient, murdering vines and their flowers. Thankfully, Dreamworks is about to change all that.

The studio SKG built and sold has signed Carter B. Smith to direct its adaptation of the Scott Smith singing vine novel, The Ruins. Smith will also write the screenplay, ala his Academy Award nominated turn at A Simple Plan.

The Ruins takes place in the hot, sweaty and mean jungles of Mexico, where a group of (what else) American friends are enjoying an alcoholic vacation in "what happens there stays there until you have to go to a urologist" central, Cancun. All’s going well until the group meets up with some crazy German out to find his archeologist brother. On their little adventure, the group is harassed by a bunch of local Mayans who corner them into a hillside mine, where mean, hungry vines have developed a taste for sweat, blood and human flesh and aren’t afraid to violate young bodies to get it.

If that description doesn’t do it for you, Stephen King enjoyed the novel and called it a literary "shock-show" with no let-up. All I want to know is, where were those vines in Apocalypto?