That dog just took a dump. If you’ve been into any bookstore in the last year, you’ve noticed the sugar-coated cover of a cute l’il "yellow" Labrador Retriever puppy, head cocked, that belongs to the memoir Marty & Me. They’re everywhere. I haven’t read it, but it’s generally praised as heartwarming and has sold New York Times Best-Seller earning quantities.

Personally, I’ve passed on the book because I’m afraid it’ll bring back memories of having to scoop up denim-wrapped puppy turds out of the lawn from the time my childhood yellow Lab ate a pair of jeans.

Shawn Levy, on the other hand, has no qualms.  The director, still hot with The Night at the Museum holding a place in the top 5 months after release, will be shouting orders to dogs and humans alike as he tackles the big screen adaptation of Marley & Me.

Marley & Me follows the life of journalist John Grogan’s dog Marley as it corresponds with 13 years worth of life events with the Grogan family. Heartbreak, hilarity and sentimentality are sure to abound.

Shooting is set to get crackin’ in LA come April.