Not the shark.I don’t know anyone who was asking for Die Hard 4, but by crap, whoever was is gonna get it. And the way the trailers are looking, that isn’t a bad thing at all.

The new international trailer for Die Hard 4 is out, and interestingly, there’s not a mention of Live Free or Die Hard. In fact, the final title scroll simply reads a clean and concise Die Hard 4.0. Well, done, international Die Hard. Well done, indeed.

The trailer features an elongated, ominous and static/bass-heavy opening (which feels enticingly Bay-a-riffic) talking about world reliance on technology and how we’re all pretty much screwed when it’s interfered with. Enter a couple new scenes of crazy action, Justin Long acting scared, Bruce Willis delivering glute-slapping in only the coolest way and the coup de grace- the Capitol Building going down like a bitch. It’s the international teaser, my friends, and Die Hard‘s out to win friends and kick ass.

While I wasn’t one of the folks pining for more one cop show, the procession of trailers has fast changed my mind. If you don’t receive some kind of adrenal stimulation after watching these, I don’t know what to tell you. They’re all action, but I’ll still plunk down a couple rentals worth of cash come June 29th to see expanded action like what’s featured in the trailer. Internationals will have to wait from zero days (Germany, Hong Kong, Spain, Russia) to a week (UK- July 6) to two weeks (Austrailia July 19).

I had trouble viewing the Quicktime trailers here, but you may want to try the mother format before surrendering yourself to streaming Windows Media which is here.