this morning’s casting announcements, I was thrown for a loop when I found out Tim Meadows was not only still alive, but back on the big screen. He had a steady, yet unremarkable run on SNL that was capped by the abysmal flick based on his "Ladies’ Man" character, Leon Phelps. Since then, I haven’t seen the guy in anything but Mean Girls, but according to IMDB, he’s worked steady in TV guest appearances and small parts in other ex-SNL films like The Benchwarmers.

Now comes news that he’s joined the cast of the upcoming Judd Apatow/Jake Kasdan/John C. Reilly comedy Walk Hard. The film is a satire of the musical biopic genre, apparently, and Meadows will play the drummer in Reilly’s band.

He joins an already fine ensemble that includes Jenna Fischer and now Raymond J. Barry as Reilly’s father. Hopefully, he’ll get a standout moment or two because I can already feel the guy slipping from my memory.