reported on the rumor a couple of weeks ago, and now it’s confirmed in the trades: Aaron Eckhart is going to be Two-Face in the upcoming Nolan sequel The Dark Knight. It’s just one more element that indicates Christopher Nolan is taking these films seriously (some would say too seriously, but I digress), and I’m happy to see top-notch talent filling every available slot.

Of course, this news may take a little bit to register as there’s still a raging debate on our boards where shots are being fired between fans of Batman Begins, closeted Batman Forever fans (Hey, I’m outed), and people who hate both and most of the rest of the carbon-based lifeworld (Dev). My feeling is that Nolan is probably aware of the problems that plagued his first effort, and when unburdened of the origin story and setting up of the love interest, he’s going to turn out a far superior Batman movie that may include some actual detective work this time around.

Here’s hoping, at least.