"Step away from the franchise slowly, Mr. Bay."

Disclaimer: This was run yesterday and after doing some research going to Brad Fuller’s Twitter, this does seem like legitimate news and not a joke. However, be wary.

The title says it all ladies and gents. Apparently Platinum Dunes is in talks right now to take over Halloween and put their signature stamp on this long running franchise. All thats left after this is for them to do a Hellraiser movie.

Ever since Rob Zombie’s Halloween II* came out in 2009, there’s been talk of a third film in 3D made by the excellent film duo of Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer. It seems that has now fallen to the way side, and now we may be graced with the presence of a Platinum Dunes infused Halloween film. It will probably not be directed by Michael Bay, but I could just imagine how that would be……..

No word yet on if this will be a continuation of Rob Zombie’s films like the Lussier/Farmer one was going to be, a continuation of the “Let’s ignore everything after Part II” set of films, a continuation of the mess that is The Curse Of Michael Myers, or *shudder* yet another reboot/remake.

Personally I want them to just remake Halloween III or give us a follow up to that. I want to see the continuing adventures of Dr. Daniel Challis in a post apocalyptic world.

So let’s all ponder in the comments section or the thread on the message board on just how much Platinum Dunes is either going to make this interesting** or fuck it up.

* The remake of Halloween is one of the few films I ABSOLUTELY HATE. It’s such a stupid film that tries to do it’s own thing in the first half, and then compress the entire Carpenter film into 45 minutes or so. I don’t know what Zombie saw in Scout Taylor Compton, but she’s the worst thing about both films. The sequel however, is much better. Zombie just full on does his own thing with the property and created a film that I had a good time with. The theatrical cut is better than the director’s cut. Scout Taylor Compton is the only thing that drags this film down.

**I actually have enjoyed the Platinum Dunes remakes to various degrees, but I wouldn’t call any of them, save for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, and the Friday The 13th one actual good movies. The Amityville Horror gets points for keeping the Priest subdued, and not having Philip Baker Hall overact like he’s in a completely different movie like Rod Steiger did in the original. Their “original” films The Unborn and Horsemen were pretty crappy, and The Unborn was flat out boring.

source: bloody-disgusting