The Confederate thing didn't work out so well for young Pip.The Civil War is one of those periods in history films visit, but seldom visit well or often enough. Ted Turner churned out a couple bank-busting epics with Gettysburg and Gods and Generals (and by epics I mean Lunesta-replacing boring). The last emotionally involving Civil War film I can think of was Glory– and that was almost 20 years ago. Ride With the Devil and Cold Mountain have come through in the mean time, but both exist as period pieces which just happen to have the Civil War raging in the periphery.

Following the every four or five years Civil War release guideline, ThinkFilm, self-described "producer and distributor of edgy and artful features" like Half-Nelson and Farce of the Penguins, will be placing The Last Confederate: The True Story of Robert Adams in (most likely) an art theater near you.

Apparently, the title character left a pretty impressive legacy– it’s a member of his family (Julian Adams) who is producing, directing and starring in the film about Confederate officer Adams who loves his dear, sweet, humid South but also loves him a hottie from the North. Wouldn’t you know it? The Civil War breaks out and drama ensues. One thing’s for sure- I hope Robert picks the lady, because geography doesn’t put out all that well.

The Last Confederate has already been shot at Civil War era locations and also stars yes-he’s-still-alive Mickey Rooney.