So I’m sitting in the underground bunker that is CHUD’s Twin Cities branch when a courier hands me a mysterious envelope from Fox Searchlight – an envelope containing the items pictured to your right. Clearly viral marketing for the Brit Marling-starring The Sound of My Voice releasing April 27th*. The bracelet advertises this site, which has a cool, creepy video I’ve included for you below.

The site also offers up an address as a meeting place (4315 Melrose Ave)  in Los Angeles this (and supposedly every) Thursday at 7PM. Any Los Angeles Chewers up for making a trip? I’d love to know what Searchlight has in store for those who attend.


*Marling last appeared in Another Earth, a film she cowrote as well as starred in (she cowrites Sound as well). I had the opportunity to interview her for Earth in a past life.