haven’t been to a high school party until you’ve been to a high school party that turns into a three hour stand off with the police and then gets pointlessly memorialized in a New York Magazine* article by a young 20s wunderkind writer. If you want to really have that party be memorable, have the article then get optioned by Dreamworks and have the director of Soul Food helm it.

That, in a nutshell, is what this whole news story is about. The party happened in Rye, New York, in 2004. The David Amsden article, The Siege of Fulton Avenue (also the working title of the movie), a minute-by-minute recounting of a bunch of high school jocks and retards not opening the door for cops, can be read here. Dreamworks optioned this story a couple of years back, and now finally have their director. Tillman intends to make the story a little more interesting than just “kids won’t open the door,” though, and will make the whole thing a metaphor for the kids not wanting to grow up. I think that the cop POV must never be seen to really make that work – hell, maybe the cops should only be lights, forms and voices. That advice is for free, Mr. Tillman.

*Not to be confused with The New Yorker, a magazine actually worth reading.