I like my Apple products, but I’m by no means a zealot worshipping at the altar of Mr. Steve Jobs – brilliant though he may have been. I just know that if I were recently deceased, I wouldn’t want Ashton Kutcher to play me in a biopic. Fucking ever.

But that’s exactly the posthumous nightmare that’s now bestowed upon Job’s legacy according to Variety. Listen, I don’t know how much faith I had in a Steve Jobs biopic to begin with – especially one that reads like a quick cash-in so soon after his death. But Kutcher’s unbearable as a television personality and something even worse as a legitimate film actor. He’s barely qualified to play himself let alone a genius-level software giant, and I can’t think of a single ass that’s ever been put into a theater seat on account of Kutcher alone.

What do you think? Will Kutcher be able to improve upon a role that up to now has been owned by Noah Wyle?

Source: Variety by way of Coming Soon