Cameron showed where his heart is by calling Harry Knowles for Valentine’s Day and delivering some scoops on his next movie, Avatar, which is apparently filming without a director of photography. I always thought that Cameron would do away with the human cast before he did away with the DP.

You should head over to Aint It Cool for the full story, but the important news is this: Cameron just came back from doing some location shooting in Hawaii with his lead, Sam Worthington, as well as newly confirmed cast member Sigourney Weaver. Now he’s back in California doing more shooting with his new real-time rendering system that will allow him to shoot his actors and immediately see whatever CGI creations he’ll be layering over them.

Cameron confirmed some other cast, including Wes Studi (probably playing someone wise and old!), Joel David Moore and CCH Pounder, an actress whose name would make for a terrific hard rock band.

There’s more, including disturbing hints at Harry having sexual relations with his fiancée, to be found right here.

Meanwhile, Premiere Magazine spoke to His Jimness about the doo doo around The Hobbit - Cameron will be shooting much of Avatar at Weta’s facilities. Shockingly, Cameron thinks that New Line’s behavior is "Bizarre." That "shockingly," by the way, is sarcastic. Click here to read that.