Arnett played a rather inept magician in Arrested Development, but in real life, the guy appears to be a rather talented alchemist, as he’s transformed the cred generated from that show into a prolific big screen career quite unlike anyone else on the show. Checking the scorecard, he’s prominently featured in a couple of upcoming Will Ferrell flicks, he’s starring in Bob Odenkirk’s new comedy The Brothers Solomon, and the list of "announced" projects he’s attached to grows by the day.

Add another to the tally, as he’s signed to star in a new comedy for the Fox Atomic banner called Space Invader. It’s the story of a love triangle gone awry between astronauts on a space station, and was apparently written well before the current foolishness involving an astronaut murder plot that grabbed the news cycle for 3 milliseconds before Anna Nicole Smith departed.
While it’s good that he landed the Will Ferrell flicks, it’s starring roles like this and The Brothers Solomon that will be the true test for this chap. We’ll just┬ápretend that┬áthe whole sordid Let’s Go To Prison business never happened.