don’t think I had a better time at the movies last year than when I sat down to watch Crank. It’s an action film with a cool concept, no doubt, and even cooler execution of said concept. Virtually every frame of the film bursts with insane energy, and it builds to an ending that puts about 3 cherries on top of the tasty celluloid dessert you just enjoyed.

I’ve been waiting to see what writer/directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor were going to do for a follow-up, and today’s news brings us a bit closer to that. They’ve written another high concept flick called Pathology, which concerns a group of medical students who put the very science of pathology to the test by trying to commit a crime so perfect, even a pathologist couldn’t solve it. At the helm this time, however, is a German commercial director named Marc Schoelermann. Production is scheduled to begin in April for an October release.

Along with this comes news that the dynamic duo are working on a Crank sequel, and while I don’t know if it stands a chance in hell of matching or surpassing the first one, I’m plan to give them the benefit of the doubt.