I can be as casually condescending about Family Guy as the next typical internet guy, but it would be a dirty lie to suggest the show doesn’t grab laughs out of me when I do happen to be around for it. McFarlane is a talented vocal actor no doubt, and the show’s energy often lends itself to amazing animated slapstick that just too often spirals deeply into the most unfunny of its own asses.

For his first feature film MacFarlane has quite decidedly brought the same comedic sensibilities of his shows to the big screen, pairing Mark Wahlberg as a doofus with a small, animal sidekick that can inexplicably talk. By voicing Ted himself, MacFarlane has insured this duo feels as much like a big screen version of Peter and Brian as possible.

Mila Kunis is attractive. There’s is little else to say for her here.

There are equal part obvious, stupid jokes and legitimately funny jokes in the trailer I watched above, but I have no doubt there’s going to be a lot of different opinions depending on who you’re talking to. It’s an oddly cut trailer, and I’m not getting a promising vibe from the MacFarlane as a filmmaker, but at the end of the day laughs win, so let’s just hope it’s funny.

I will say this right now though- I’m convinced they have a hit on their hands with this one. The Family Guy audience will be there, the bear is cute, and the premise is different enough that it’s gonna capture attention. Mark my words.

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