Oooh, I bet seeing The Avengers three weeks early would make you the coolest kid around your water cooler/locker. Seems impossibly cool, but with Marvel’s plans to screen the film on April 14 in 5 cities and screen it early again in five more, you’re going to have a chance.

Right now screenings are set in a few big obvious cities, with the second round of another five towns to be determined by a Facebook… something? I didn’t immediately see the mechanism with which you would vote for you city on FB, but keep an eye on the Facebook Avengers page for more info on how to bring the film to your village early.

Right now the set cities set for April 14th are: Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Houston and Miami. If you want a place near you to join that list, get you and your friend’s collective digital asses moving and make some noise for your city. If you don’t suspect you’ll be making one of these screenings, then maybe it’s time to nab your Midnight May 4th ticket to secure some real estate in that inevitable, collective opening-weekend geek orgasm. Those tickets are on sale now, and the FB page will also lead you to a vendor that will happily take your cash now for a ticket later.

As we move into the final month before the film’s release, expect this massive campaign to really gear up. Kevin Fiege is already dropping mentions of “Phase 2″ of the grand Marvel Cinematic Universal plan, which he says will begin with Iron Man 3 and “will culminate, God willing, in Avengers 2.”

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Source | Washington Post