’ll be honest, American Idol is worse than the bloody death of me at the hands of my enemies. Every time I catch my wife watching it I play What’s Love Got To Do With It?: The Home Game. That said, enjoy my hypocrisy as I fully endorse the arrival of Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol.

I’m a karaoke nut. Devin’s a karaoke nut. Our dearly departed Dave Davis is a karaoke nut. Whether that means we’re really hip or really lame is really up to you. The bottom line is, it’s true.

I have a few copies for folks like you, at least the ones who have PS2’s, PS3’s, or that new Sony Pelvis Implant [where do you put the memory card?]. How to win? Read on, sailors and sea hags…

Using the link below and including your mailing address, answer these questions and follow any little tasks asked of you. Won’t be too strenuous I promise.

1. What’s the best song to sing karaoke to? If you list ‘Loving You’, ‘Friends in Low Places’, or anything by The Cranberries I will not only disqualify you but I will come to your house and put my hand in you.

2. Tell me the difference between singing karaoke and pop artists laying down vocal tracks over music they had nothing to do with. If you think that the work of Hilary Duff outshines the work of Chris Cornell, me and my hand are booking a one-way ticket to in you.

3. Whose singing voice would you most love to have? If it’s Edith Piaf, cool! If it’s Edith Bunker, I will come to your home and put my hand in you.

4. In regards to Entertainment Weekly covers it’s American Idol 906 to’s .5. How can we start to make up ground? If "get rid of ads" is your answer I will sneak up behind you with my hand and before you can scream my name my hand will be in you.

5. What PS2 game do you hold in the highest esteem? If it’s anything involving Dragonball-Z, you know the rest.