Joseph Kahn is batshit. Seriously. Look at his resume.

This is the man who brought us Torque, countless music videos that amazed and enthralled, and a plethora of commercials that have dropped jaws. He also brought the world one, two, three golf commercials Renn and I participated in the making of. He is a rare mix of geek, virtuoso, and rebel and his work is as eclectic and interesting as you can get. He’s batshit. And awesome. He’s a huge friend of the site and a filmmaker whose knowledge and opinions are fascinating and the biggest Spielberg apologist on this rock.

Detention is his new movie, a movie Renn gave a perfect score in his review a year ago when he saw it at SXSW.

Atlanta folks, Joseph is coming to town on Friday (April 6) and we are going to have a screening of the film and a chat with the man at a great theater on my side of town. If you are in Atlanta and love movies and want to be a part of something very special you simply HAVE to be here. Plus, the theater I chose is the amazing Studio Movie Grill in Roswell. Food. Booze. Snacks. Movies. You simply cannot lose.

The caveat: Seating is limited to around 120 folks. I want all the CHUD VIPs here for this one. Who knows, there may be some extracurricular fun to be had.

8pm. Friday. Roswell. You want in? Use the link below, tell me that you want to come and why. I will reply to the winners and let you know the score. If you want to bring a guest, let me know their name and why THEY should come. Seriously, this is going to be Batshit. In a great way.