KaneCross-platform development is going bananas and video games are getting crazy love. Hot on the heels of Metal Gear being optioned comes the news unreleased Eidos (whose Hitman is currently ramping up) title Kane & Lynch has had its screen rights acquired by Lionsgate.

Kane & Lynch hasn’t even been released as a game yet, but the concept appears radical enough Lionsgate thinks a theatrical story can be built out of it. Built well or not, there’s gonna be lots of lead projectiles and fireballs, you can bet your ass on that.

The game story follows Kane, a guilt-filled mercenary with family issues, who’s stashed a bunch of diamonds at the expense of the secret criminal organization he used to work for. In the mean time he’s jailed and sentenced to death. Kane has a meet-cute with Lynch, a blue collar schizophrenic who may or may not have killed his wife, when their death row bus is ambushed by Kane’s former employers. The bad guys want their diamonds back or Kane’s daughter dies. Lynch is hired to watch over Kane to make sure the job gets done. Cut to previously mentioned fireballs, break-ins and structures being demolished by firearms.

Kane and Lynch is being produced by the same folks doing Hitman, so when that finally hits theaters, you might know what to expect.

In the mean time, in typical fanboy pissery, I’ll grumble, over the arrival of Metal Gear and Kane and Lynch while Halo is locked in the craphouse with nothing going on but Universal and Fox fighting over who spent what in preproduction.