Gruffud, best known to you as Mr. Fantastic in the Fantastic Four movies, is also starring in Amazing Grace, a movie about the English slavery abolition movement that features the single cheesiest trailer I have ever seen. Gruffud’s been doing a press tour in the States for that film, and while I was out of town when he hit New York City, Aint It Cool News’ Capone got him in Chicago. Buried deep inside lots of stuff about this anti-slavery* movie is some interesting info about Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and whether or not we’ll see Galactus in this film:

C: I’m just going to ask: does Galactus play a role in this film?

IG: Um…his presence is felt in the movie. He doesn’t physically appear, no. Galactus does have a form, doesn’t he, in the comic books?

Hmmm. We had been hearing that Galactus was in this movie, but Gruffud sounds pretty sure of himself. If this is the case, how the hell do they end this movie without being painfully anticlimactic? Further, Gruffud says that this film doesn’t end with a set up for battling Galactus in a third movie. So what the hell’s the deal?

We know that the Silver Surfer shows up very early in the movie- maybe even in the first couple of reels. We know that Dr. Doom is in the film, and we know that part of his plot is going to be trying to harness the Surfer’s Power Cosmic for himself. Is that the whole film? This is sounding more and more like a film that will fizzle out in the end. Let’s hope that Gruffud is part of a disinformation campaign… If so, that bodes ill for his promises that fans will hate the sequel less than the first one. He really says that.

*How 150 years ago.