I’m having trouble believing this isn’t some cruel early-April Fool’s Joke, but I’m seeing a lot of news sites pick it up. For the time being let’s operate under a theory: The following is an actual idea someone in Hollywood seriously had and is now putting it into fruition.

THR is reporting that Universal is giving the go-ahead on a sequel to Twins (Triplets, duh) that will reunite Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzeneggar with a previously unmentioned third brother to be played by… wait for it… Eddie Murphy. See, it’s funny because he’s black. And the other guys aren’t. That’s a pitch meeting I would have loved to be involved in. “Who needs fucking jokes with that concept?!”  There’s no director attached (you almost wouldn’t even need one), but Twins director Ivan Reitman will return as producer because, y’know, Ghostbusters 3.

This has to be a put-on, right?