CHUD is happy to bring you the 1st TV spot for Detention, a film we’ve done our best to keep you up on.

I think the ad does a good job of drawing in those rabid Hunger Games fans while making it clear that some profoundly crazy shit happens in this teen slasher comedy time-travel romance flick.

Obviously we’ve worked with Joseph Kahn here at CHUD, so we’ve definitely got our fingers personally crossed that as many people as possible see the film. However, I wouldn’t be as excited for this to get out there if I didn’t think it was genuinely fucking awesome. Metro-Atlanta Chewers can look out for a screening we’ll be hosting here soon, while the film opens across the country on April 12th. Check if there’s a theater showing it near you and be sure to grab your tickets now, as the limited opening might make some spots/times tough to get into.

Also, if you happen to be a reader in Savannah, GA, I’m happy to say there will be a screening and Q&A with Joseph hosted by my alma matter.

Look for more cool Detention stuff soon.

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