Anchorman is one of Will Ferrell’s best lead comedies (although I hold that Old School and Step Brothers are much funnier) and it’s hard to believe that the film came out WAY back in 2004. It really feels like it came out not that long ago.

Now it’s being reported that Ferrell and co. have come to an agreement with Paramount and a sequel is now being put together. Ferrell, McKay, Paul Rudd, and Steve Carell are already on board with hopefully Christina Applegate and Dave Koechner coming on as well.

I wonder if it will be the musical that Ferrell initially wanted, or if it’s going to be something different? Either way, I’ll see it. I just hope the Step Brothers sequel is not far off either.

Update: Dave Koechner is now on board, and the only one still not officially signed on is Christina Applegate. Here’s hoping she does sign on, as she’s one of the major reasons why Anchorman worked so well.

source: cinemablend