’s a David Mamet TV show on the air and it isn’t a huge hit. I just wanted to get that out there, because it sort of baffles me. It baffles me because I know that the news I am about to report will be met with excitement by many people, and yet Mamet’s The Unit might be the most ignored show on television. Watch it on CBS, Tuesdays at 9.

OK, here’s the actual news content of this news piece: While talking with Suicide Girls, Mamet dropped the beans on some of his upcoming projects, one of which sounds like a very exciting and possibly kind of strange movie. It’s about an underground martial arts community in Los Angeles. Seriously.

Says Mamet: “There’s this subterranean community that’s cross-pollinated between cage fighters and cops and boxers and stuntmen and Navy Seals. It’s a really interesting community. It is sort of a samurai film. It is about a guy who’s the world’s greatest fighter but he doesn’t compete. He just trains people because he says, "I’ll train you to walk out of the alley alive but I won’t train you to get points from a referee." The movie is about how he gets seduced away from his path and becomes commercialized.”

Mamet tells the goth porn site that he has already written the script, and would like to get it going in the next year or so. Ultimate Cage Match by David Mamet? I’ll see it.

For more on what else Mamet might be up to in the months to come, read the full interview at Suicide Girls.