A few days ago I told you about director Jack Bender walking away from Paramount’s upcoming Jack Ryan reboot project, a film that’ll feature Chris Pine in the lead. In that article I suggested Paramount and Skydance Pictures give Martin Campbell a call – they didn’t. According to Variety, talks are ongoing with rogueish thesbian, acclaimed director and all-around man about town Kenneth Branagh.

I’m not exactly surprised. Paramount needed to move quick on this after Bender’s exit. Chris Pine will be coming off of Star Trek 2 when this is scheduled to lens, so it comes as no great shock that they wanted to get a director in there ASAP to accommodate their short window to shoot this thing. Branagh as a director doesn’t do anything for me, I didn’t particularly care for Thor and I was never able to find a way into his seemingly endless string of Shakespeare revivals. But he knows his way around adapting popular works, and this news gave me an excuse to run the above pic. So there’s that I guess.