you suffer from epilepsy, it’s best that you bow out now. Read any further and you might be tempted to click on the link below, which is like a one-way ticket to a grand mal. If you don’t think you have epilepsy, you may be about to find out the truth. I know that I feel a little woozy.

One of the big hits at the Sundance Film Festival was The Signal – which CHUD readers knew all about because I directed you to the excellent short film playing before it, Little Farm. In The Signal, which is directed by no less than three people, a mysterious broadcast comes from TVs, phones, radios, computers, anything that can emit the signal, and it causes people to go totally bugfuck. I haven’t seen the movie, but I understand it’s relentless and violent and a whole lot of fun.

Magnolia, the people who are bringing you The Host in a couple of weeks, bought The Signal, and now there’s a teaser trailer on the web. Like I said at the opening of this piece, if you think you may have some sort of brain problem that could be set off by flashing lights, loud noises and quick edits, do not click the link below.

But for the rest of you… enjoy.