That’s a shot from the set of Only God Forgives, the next pairing of Nicholas Winding Refn with his Driver star Ryan Gosling. Clearly this script puts the actor on the opposite end of the smashings this time, as Gosling looks like he’s just pulled himself out of the bottom of an elevator. I’m excited to see what that’s like after the untouchable stoicism of the actor in Drive.

They’re shooting in Bangkok, where US Weekly managed to snag this pic (and details about Eva Mendes watching Gosling’s dog or some fucking thing). Love the disembodied coffee hand. I hope that’s part of the film and not just a P&A handing Ryan some joe.

In case you’re worried that Mr. Gosling might not be able to wet/hard-up your parts at any point during the film, note that the first (official) still shows that our hero won’t have a super-fucked face for the entire film.

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(via JoBlo)