The year was 1980. I had just kicked the coke habit and I was looking to get back into the editing gig. Shooter pushed me through the system until I landed a job as assistant editor on Uncanny X-Men.

Claremont and Byrne were in the midst of wrapping up the Dark Phoenix Saga and they didn’t know how to handle the Phoenix character.

I took a look at the issue, as it sat on Glynis’s desk. I saw that shit and I knew something had to be done. If little girls grow up believing that they can be gods, anything is possible. So, I rewrote the scene to include suicide.

Little girls have to learn that all power trips can only be redeemed by blood. Preferably, their blood. Shooter didn’t feel where I was going, but I changed his mind. It’s amazing the things you can accomplish if you’re willing to carry a heroin stuffed ROM action figure up your ass.

There’s also the time that Larry Hama and I taught some Vietnamese hookers what it meant to be Iron Fisted. But, that’s a story for next time. Until then….


Here’s a semi-related, but horrible clip I found