Every little Hit-Girl has to grow up and become a Hit-Woman someday, so it’s all too appropriate that Chloe G Moretz will be taking on the title role in the Carrie remake.

I’m beginning to think Moretz is going to amass the greatest string of female roles for a minor in history if she keeps it up. By the age of 15 she’s appeared in a successful or notable rom-com, horror flick, indie film, action movie, and worked with director’s like Tim Burton and Martin Scorsese. And no this, which is sure to be high profile and centered almost entirely on her. She’s killin’ it.

The announcement of this casting decision follows rumors of a possible Lyndsey Lohan casting mistake, with Dakota Fanning also possibly being in the mix. My even deeper sources tell me the choice was made by leaving Fanning, Moretz, and Hailee Steinfeld in a room together with two snapped pool cues.

What I’m trying to tell you is that Dakota Fanning and Hailee Steinfeld are dead, and Moretz has blood on her hands.

That said, I’m told the most bizarre turn came when Isabella Fuhrman actually busted into that “casting session” and dove into the fight demonstrating mastery of the Carrie character’s actual powers but Moretz was able to fend her and her supernatural gifts off as well, though Fuhrman escaped into the night to compete for underage female roles once again…

The remake of the 1976 flick still needs a nice splashy casting choice for the psycho mom, so expect another round of casting coverage very soon. Also, if you’re looking for the definitive piece of Carrie-related web literature, look no further.

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Source | Deadline (via A/V Club)