the whole Saw train. Actually, that’s
not quite right. That would imply that I ever intended to catch the train, which is most certainly not the case. The concept for the first one seemed somewhat interesting, but the assness of the cast and cheap, grungy,
and depressing tone convinced me to stay away. I’ve barely
even acknowledged the sequels. Still, I am certainly aware that the franchise
is a juggernaut for Lionsgate, and thus the architects behind these sequels
have a blank check from the company in terms of what else they want to do.

bring us to Darren Lynn Bousman, the director of both sequels. He’s re-upped
with the guys at Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate to do an adaptation of the
stage musical Repo! The Genetic Opera
(If Panic! at the Disco gets a slot on the soundtrack, the universe may
implode. Killing them is the only way to be sure).

The story
is set in the not-too-distant future, or more specifically, just before women
become infertile and the world begins to collapse. An epidemic of organ failures
threatens to wipe out humanity, but a corporation arrives to mass-manufacture
organs – only with payment plans attached.

understand Gary Busey was approached to star in it, but didn’t quite understand
that this is a fictional story and offered the producers a couple of kilos of “California
Frosted Flake” in exchange for his pick of the organ harvest. But that’s just
the word on the streets.