This is a trailer for a trailer guys. And I’m totally covering it. I don’t know what to tell you… this world’s in trouble and I’m a part of it.

I’ve always refused to run the EW teasers where the footage is in a little box or cut amongst shitty interviews, so I can at least feel good that this is an actual trailer and — all things being equal — actually has as much or more footage than most true teasers.

All that said, I know how sad this is.

Man, I can’t imagine the Sony execs have ever been more pleased with themselves as they are for greenlighting the Total Recall remake that doesn’t include Mars.

Okay well, yes, that is all big-budget science fiction stuff that you would anticipate being in this kind of blockbuster remake. Len Wiseman is doing his thing, but 30 seconds of money shots isn’t even enough to be cynical about if one were so inclined. Even thinking movies have explosions ya’ll.

I do kind of like that shot right after the little 5th Element hover car swoops down, where it looks like you actually get a sense of gut-lifting inertia. That’s kind of cool.

Check back Sunday.

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