The distressingly large game geek contingent that continually argues the Metal Gear series as an example of masterful storytelling is about to get an extra shot of legitimacy. Series creator Hideo Kojima has been talking up movie possibilities for a while now, and Sony Pictures (providing an assist to SCEA with one of their only remaining third-party exlusives) has signed up to make the film with Michael De Luca (Blade II, Ghost Rider) as producer.

With 20 years worth of Metal Gear games, there’s certainly enough material for a decent flick, and as overwrought as most of the plotting and scripting has always been, it’s easy to see how the message-laden adventures of Solid Snake, Revolver Ocelot and Psycho Mantis would generate a whole franchise worth of entertaining movies.

But if Sony markets the film with ringtones yelling ‘Snake? Snaaaaaakkke!’ I’m going to have to kill a guy.