is running some images from this summer’s Marvel Comics movies. There are two pictures from Spider-Man 3, but they have been online in the past – they’re from a Spider-Man image book that should hit with the film (probably a Visual Guide type book. There are a ton of images leaked from it). But there’s a third image that’s actually production art, and it’s more interesting – it’s Dr. Doom’s look in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Sure, he’s striking a poncy orator pose, but this looks like Dr. Doom – much more so than the character we saw in the first film. I’ve only shown half of the image here – see the rest at JoBlo – but you can see the etched birds on his torso, which I like a bunch. I have to assume that he’s not techno-organic there, unless that’s the metal man version of a tattoo.

All signs point to FF2 being the X-Men 2 of this series – a huge leap forward in quality from the third one. I’ll know when you know, thanks to Fox essentially ignoring me and this site at every possible opportunity, but I’ll still geek out over it anyway.