Online has just premiered what I would have to term a fucking incredible Internet-only trailer for Hot Fuzz,
the new film from the team behind Shaun of the Dead. Click here to see
this monumental ode to the action movie teaser
– my personal favorite
bit is that all of the guns get screen credit. MC Hammer, indeed.

The trailer is scored by Robert Rodriguez, who contributed music for
two scenes in the film. Director Edgar Wright gave Rodriguez the two
scenes – and nothing else for context – and let him go to town. I think
when you hear what’s in the trailer you’ll agree that Rodriguez did a
killer job. There’s more great original music on the soundtrack besides
the terrific score by David Arnold. Listen for some John Spencer Blues
Explosion goodness.

Look for my glowing review of Hot Fuzz
quite soon (by tomorrow, if the gods will allow it), and those of you
in the UK have only six days to wait. You Americans are totally fucked,
having to wait until April… except those of you who will be able to get
into advanced screenings in the weeks ahead! We’re working on that
right now, so stay tuned.