the recent rumor of the Dark Crystal prequel Power of the Dark Crystal being kaput and our mention of that in the Puppets Plan Attack story (read it here), some some investigative readers on the message boards called bullshit. I put in a call to the Jim Henson Co. to find out for sure.

Apparently, this rumor has been the bane of their existance since it was launched last week.

In speaking with a representaive at the Jim Henson Co. and despite the announcement of recent projects, we’ve got official word that The Dark Crystal has NOT
been canceled and is still moving forward, even if slowly thanks to the
large scope and undertaking of the film.

The 2008 release date is still being anticipated, but fans are asked to keep in mind the original took 5 years to complete.

An official statement will be shortly forthcoming. I’ll post it when I receive it.

Note from Nick: In a world where The Last Mimzy and Road to Terabithia and Fuck Nick’s Intellect in the Chute exist, The Dark Crystal is not only a good idea, it feels genuine. Not some attempt to ride coattails but delivery on an idea that may have been before its time. The world needs Gelflings, dammit. Real ones.


Jim Henson Company remains committed to
producing Power of the Dark Crystal.
The film has not been “cancelled” or “put on hiatus” or
any of the other rumored status changes that have been floating
around. This
film is an ambitious undertaking for us and it continues to move
forward as we
work to secure the financing and distribution that a project of this
requires; and yes, these are factors that will most likely have an
impact the
production timeline. We are grateful to the fans who support Power of
the Dark Crystal and we are excited to make this new chapter in the
Dark Crystal
story a reality.

– Lisa Henson, co-CEO of The Jim
Henson Company and producer of Power of the
Dark Crystal