you like Borat? Well, Rupert Murdoch is promising you more, according to the Financial Times. The Supreme Evil Leader of News Corp and owner of 20th Century Fox says that Sacha Baron Cohen will be returning to Fox after doing Bruno for Universal.

This seems odd, as most people have assumed that Borat has become too big a cultural phenomenon to allow him to fool people anymore. That said, never underestimate the basic ignorance of the American people. I am sure Cohen and friends can find pockets of rural America where alternating current is still a myth.

Murdoch, speaking at a press conference in New York, said that Cohen would come back after doing gay Austrian fashion guy movie Bruno, which Fox declined to bid on after the comedian wouldn’t even show them the script (yes, these movies have scripted elements). Is this true, or is Murdoch just the world’s richest fanboy? After all, he tells the Financial Times that he saw Borat three times. He said he "laughed like hell." And Murdoch would know how hell laughs. He runs it.