Since I had to bring you that soul-shattering mess of a film tie-in song earlier today, I feel it is my duty to bring you something much more joyous an awesome now. Tenacious D has put out a cameo-filled short film about the origins of their reforged partnership and sets the stage for their new album, Rize of the Phoenix. A new album and small dose of self-effacing sketch-style video from the pair? Sounds perfect, and just the right kind of follow-up to their charming but disappointing feature film. Also, this is a nice reminder that Val Kilmer can still look trim and healthy and do awesome shit when he cares to…

Take a look at the short.

You can listen to the album’s title-track tease below, and hit their site for tour and album info.

I couldn’t be more excited to have these two back at it again, and it’s perfectly timed with Jack Black’s return to being funny and good on screen.

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