AhoyFor as little information as there is officially coming out of the new Star Trek film, speculation and rumor-mongering have naturally become the order of the day. Is it a reboot or a revisit? Will it have the original characters or won’t it? Is JJ Abrams directing or isn’t he?

Of course, Devin deftly answered the latter (read it here), the explanation of which has been picked up by various internet outlets across the everywheres. So until official word comes, we’re left with sweet speculation and hear-say.

Which brings us to James McAvoy. The hot rumor of late is that McAvoy has been approached to play a young, bellyless Scotty (A Scot playing a Scot? What gives? This is Hollywood, man!). IESB caught up to him at a recent junket and decided to get word straight from the source.

The answer? Predictably, an "I can’t comment". Of course, any "no comment" is an assumed yes, and when asked if he’d been approached, McAvoy stated, "Not in so many words." McAvoy immediately followed up with the artful dodge, stating what a great big, silly Trek fan he is (isn’t everyone always a HUGE fan of whatever project they’re being asked about?), and any comment about it could lead him to tears.

Teary or not, that kind of talk does nothing but fan the flames, James. Sly, McAvoy. Very sly indeed.