Being musically out of touch (apparently), I’m not familiar with Pitbull- the artist chosen to provide the tie-in Men In Black III track typically done by Will Smith. Apparently he samples classic cute Mickey & Sylvia songs and turns them into peppy pop songs. I’m not a music critic so I’ll leave you to judge this for yourself, but I have a feeling this isn’t going to find rotation in a lot of Chewer mp3 players anytime soon.

Let us hope the quality of this song is not reflective to the quality of the film, though… I’m not holding my breath or my ass.

I do love that right towards the end it’s like Pitbull shouted “oh shit! kids like dubstep now, I was supposed to put some of that in!”

With this and the stupid shoe commercial I saw this morning that uses House Of The Rising Sun, the Casino soundtrack isn’t having a good day.

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