We’ve got some potential casting news for Wachowski’s mysterious Jupiter Ascending film, and it’s probably not a pair you’d expect…

I’ve got nothing negative to say about Channing Tatum anymore, as it’s clear that 21 Jump Street has brought a new side of the gent (I’ll see for myself soon). Still, he’s not someone I would have expected to show up on a Wachowski sci-fi casting list, as they tend to turn unlikely figures into powerful action heroes, rather than casting brawny, jocky types from the start. There’s no Tatum has taste in projects, as this sounds like an interesting film to hop onto after his string with Steven Soderbergh.

On the lady side of things, apparently interest in Natalie Portman didn’t work out, so the production is now looking to her Black Swan understudy Mila Kunis. She too is an example of an actor that is building the foundation of a serious career, but is still tough to dissociate with her emptier teenage persona and voice work.

Interesting as these casting negotiations may be (neither actor is officially cast yet), it’s all useless speculation until we get some idea what this movie is about! No new news on that front..



Source | Deadline