Dre isn’t just waiting around for Eminem to want to record another hit record – he’s decided to move into the movie business with his homies at New Line. Dre (fun fact: he’s not actually a medical doctor) will be mostly producing under his Crucial Films banner. But that’s not where he’s stopping – it will yet be Dre Day at New Line.

"This is a natural switch for me, since I’ve directed a lot of music videos," Dre told Daily Variety. "And I eventually want to get into directing."

Dr. Dre will start with dark comedies (like the career of Kurupt), and eventually move into horror movies (like Busta Rhymes’ last album). Aim for the stars, Dre. He’s going to be heavily involved in the musical side of the projects at first, at least until he gets his grounding and starts a new group, NWAD – Niggaz With Assistant Directors.

Hell, Phil Spector is twice the gangsta Dre is, and he’s produced movies – I think this is a good move.