Both of the films with new titles and new stills today are exciting, and both for different reasons. Like the old tragedy/comedy masks that represent the theater, we’ve got what will hopefully be deep drama and great humor represented. Unfortunately both projects have had their titles homogenized in typical Hollywood fashion, but at least we’re finally seeing actual images. Fingers crossed for trailers soon from the both of them.

Lawless is the new title for the film formerly known as Wettest County. This rum-running drama has had a number of title changes, so it’s no surprise it’s finally landed on the bland, one-word title that you’d think was an action project waiting in the wings for Staham or Wahlberg to be free*. Regardless, this is the next John Hillcoat film, written by Nick Cave and starring Shia Lebouf, Guy Pearce, Gary Oldman, Jessica Chastain, Jason Clark, and Tom Hardy who is pictured above with Shia.  They’re all players in a story about Prohibition-era liquor running in Virginia, which is still a ways off from its August 31st release.

*Apparently Lawless is a title the production had been wanting to use for some time, and pulled the trigger only after Malick gave them the go ahead, since he’s developing a project that was using that title. Matthew Harper kindly pointed this out and I found this EW piece that lays out the story. While it’s good to hear this is not cynical studio intervention, it’s still a bland, boring title. I am genuinely happy that everyone is getting what they want and two notale directors are being cool and respectful to one another, but it’s weird that it’s all over a one-word action thriller moniker. I’m baffled that anyone would find Lawless more evocative Wettest County In The World (the book’s title). Oh well- bring on the film, whatever the damn title is!

Then we have The Campaign, which is the new title for Dog Fight, a political comedy I’m greatly looking forward to starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galafianakis along with a pretty excellent supporting comedy cast. This one hits in August, right smack in the middle of the presidential campaign season, and I hope, HOPE, it will finally be a chance for Galafianakis to be as good as he can be in a bigger comedy. I’m sick of a truly brilliant comedic mind only having small outlets like Tim & Eric sketches to really stretch his wings, while being pigeonholed in silly-fat-guy characters or just wasted entirely.

Which of these most excites you? Let us know in the comments.

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Source | EW